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I had the privilege along with Kevin, Kraig, and Chase to go out on the job with Penhall Company. Gary Johnson Head of Safety with Penhall Company allowed us to step out on the 101 South Bound in Oxnard, CA the other night. We met up with Penhall Company and there crew about 9:00 pm just in time for there mandatory safety meeting. Before we were even allowed to step foot out of the truck we had to make sure we had the correct safety gear on. Lets just say we all looked really good and you could see us coming from a mile away. After the safety meeting was over and the guys had everything all ready to go. We took off to the section of the 101 South Bound that they would be grinding that night. To see all the preparation that takes place before and during the grinding and the speeds that they were grinding at, was definitely an eye opener. Being able to watch the guys work was a great experience and a knowledgeable one at that. Western Saw would just like to Thank Gary Johnson and all of Penhall Company Crew for allowing us to join them out on the job.